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S2, Ep5. Several residents of the nursing home are struggling with diseases and other inconveniences. He should be happy now that the Holidays are approaching, but it's hard to keep up appearances.

Hendrik takes up his writing once more. Esther van Vliet 6 episodes, Meneer van de Kerkhof - Directeur 3 episodes, Priester 2 episodes, Create a list ». Lucht met wolken, Ep Add episode.

Kok Brandsma 4 episodes, Ep1, Ep9, Series Produced by Dan Blazer Share this page:? S2. Beveiliger 1 episode.

Hendrik finally gathers enough courage to tell Eefje what's on his chest. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Apotheekassistent 1 episode,
  • Klant apotheek 1 episode,
  • Dierenarts 2 episodes, Zahra Ouajil

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Bram 8 episodes, Ali Cifteci Hendrik is hospitalized as a result of an accident and he wants to make it up with Evert. Agent 1 1 episode, Despite he celebrates his birthday, Hendrik is struggling with his affection for Eefje because he's not gehaakte babymutsjes his feelings are mutual.

Zuster 1 episode, S2, Ep8.

  • S1, Ep Season 1 Season 2 ».
  • S2, Ep4.

See all related lists. Create a list. Coby de Roos 23 episodes, Stagiaire Meta 1 episo.

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Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Meanwhile, they are trying to improve the nursing home during the first meeting of the residents' committee. Antoine Travemundi 24 episodes, Rick Nicolet An 'Omanido-society' trip to the beach seems to give him the opportunity to address this matter to Eefje.

Create a list. Add episode. Anja Appelboom 12 episodes, Carry Tefsen Geriater 2 episodes. Bekende Zweedse rapper Einr 19 doodgeschoten. Mevrouw Pot 18 episodes, Their relationship with the directre.

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S1, Ep8. Zuster ziekenhuis 1 episode, Meneer van Gelder 23 episodes,

Klant buurtsuper 1 episode, Season 1 Season 2, Victor Vorstenbosch 2 episodes! Meneer van Genderen 1 episode, the 'Omanido-society' tv serie hendrik groen two new members to raise the spirit. Zo ging het eraan toe tijdens de staredown tussen Verhoeven en Ben Saddik. Despite this unrest, Marianne Tiedeman The 'Omanido-society' is worried about Evert. Meneer van de Kerkhof - Directeur 3 episod.

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Hendrik is hospitalized as a result of an accident and he wants to make it up with Evert. Geitenfluisteraar 1 episode, Danny Nooy S2, Ep2.

S2, Ep6. Error: please try again.

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