Mining moves north and south

GOUD:EERLIJK? is a campaign of CATAPA, Ecolife and Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken, the negative impact of gold mining and consumption.

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Do you agree that the medals at the Olympics should not be a source of environmental and social injustice?

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Recycle your old cell phone!

Do you live in Belgium and are you looking for a place to drop your old phone? Look no further

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Latest News

Giota 1 - Without the required license, Eldorado Gold started the founding works for the enrichment factory, in northern Greece. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the new open-pit mine in northern Greece has been approved in 2011. The company’s plan is to form a mine in order to extract gold and copper. The designated open-pit at Mount Kakavos would destroy an ancient forest that has remained nearly untouched by people in the past. The area is known for its highly diverse flora and (avi)fauna. Despite the presence of endangered species, Eldorado Gold started the construction works for an enrichment factory. However, the EIA only allows for the deforestation of the area, the removal of bushes and 0.5 meters of soil. The photo shows the company’s interpretation of “preparation of the location for the future building of the factory” – they are actually building it already!